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The Best Online Auto Loans For People With Bad Credit

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Auto Credit Express

Its network of 1200 dealers across the country, this A+ rated lender, has closed $1 billion worth of bad credit auto loans. There’s no minimum credit score requirement, and application is via an easy, 30-second pre-qualification form. You will need an income of at least $1500 per month to qualify.


This online lending network connects car buyers with lending partners across the country. It has no minimum credit score requirements, no application fees, and offers affordable payment options with same-day approval.


Qualified applicants can receive up to four offers with one application on this online lending network making rate and fee comparison easy. Loans are offered for new and used vehicles, and for refinancing. The Better Business Bureau has also given it an A+ rating.

Capital One Auto Loan

This is one of the largest banks in the US and offers auto loans for new and used vehicles. A minimum score of 500 is required, but the bank will look at your entire application and credit history, including income, payment history, and debt.


This direct lender offers auto loans for new cars and used cars, and auto loan refinancing. The minimum credit score required is 525, and loans can be used for passenger vehicles or light trucks for personal use only. Pre-approval is also available for eligible customers.


This direct online auto loan lender is also an online dealership. No minimum credit score is required, but Carvana will look at your entire credit profile, payment history, and current debt. Of course, you can only buy vehicles from its inventory if you qualify for Carvana’s loan.

LendingTree Auto Loan

This was one of the first online lending networks and has an A- rating with the BBB. It allows shoppers to receive five offers from auto loan lenders from a single application. Vehicle restrictions depend on each lender and are offered for personal vehicles. No minimum credit score is required.

Credit Unions

Credit unions will have their own minimum credit score and income requirements, but they usually offer the best terms for borrowers with poor credit.