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SUV vs. Sedan: Brand Face Off

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We compare similarly sized sedans and SUVs from the same manufacturers to help you decide which one suits you the best.

Chevrolet Sonic vs. Chevrolet Trax

These two subcompacts share the same platform and technology. But their starting prices are thousands of dollars apart. The Sonic sedan is near the top of its class, but the Trz is in the lower half of its class. The sedan also beats the crossover easily in fuel efficiency tests. The Trax has much more interior and cargo space than the Sonic, though. The Trax’s folding seats offer hauling capabilities the Sonic can’t even dream of matching. And the Trax also has an all-wheel-drive option.

Honda Civic vs. Honda Cr-V

These compact vehicles are the bread and butter of the Honda lineup. Both are also near the top of their respective classes and have been bestsellers and award winners since they were launched. Both have above-average reliability scores, but the Civic is far more efficient than the CR-V. But, in terms of hauling cargo, the CR-V beats not only the Civic but also most other SUVs in its class. Both are excellent in terms of comfort, safety, and performance.

Toyota Camry vs. Toyota Highlander

The price gap between these two is huge, but both are near the top of their fields. The Camry, however, scores better in terms of reliability. The Camry also has more cargo space than the Highlander if all the SUV’s seats are upright. Once the seats are folded, the Highlander has more cargo space. The Camry is also significantly more fuel-efficient than the Highlander. Oddly, the Highlanders V6 is more efficient than the base four-cylinder engine.

Chevrolet Impala vs. Chevrolet Tahoe

The Impala’s best price is nearly $20,000 less than that of the Tahoe, and it’s much more fuel-efficient. The Impala sits on the top of the large sedan segment, as does the Tahoe in the large SUV segment. The Tahoe also has an optional four-wheel-drive system. Its third row is cramped, but seats eight, compared to the Impala’s five. The Tahoe can tow up to 8,600 pounds but loses on cargo space to the Impala with all its seats up.